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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy



Toni Laster,

CWW4Kids Expert

I have a very unique story...a unique experience that I can truly identify with children who are exposed to things that can effect them for life. It can affect their confidence, their self esteem, and their understanding on how to receive the world around them.

 This is my story...


Educate, Empower, Listen...

CWW4Kids is an on-line business that caters to children suffering from medical Hair Loss. We specialize in CPS (Cranial Prosthetic System) for children.


Education & Empowerment is our Approach to business

Listening……… to our children in their world.  Their world is On-line.


Communicating via FB, IG, Blogs, On-line Platforms, is our way to reach our youth.

The psychological wellbeing of children is our number one priority.  Educating, and demonstrating the psychological affects our youth experience, while suffering from hair loss.  


We have CWW4Kids Club (The Club)

This is a place where kids can be real about the affects of losing their hair.  They can discuss their hair challenges and options openly with out fear of cost, or judgment.  We can create Fundraisers, Sale T-shirts to help raise Awareness and $Funds for a child without health insurance that needs a CPS (Cranial Prosthetic System).


It’s our MISSION to SEE our children THRIVE with a BIG SMILE and the Hairstyle THEY DESIRE!  Blonde Mohawk?  We got you!  Curly Bob with purple highlights? You got it!  Twist or African Locks? We got you! 


Contributing to the Success of our children, ensuring they are Strong Conquerors, Overcomers, and Victorious Winners!!!!!  We Say YES – Hair can make a Difference in the lives of our Children.

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