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Great quality and fit!  I have never worn a wig before until now.  I feel very

Secure with this product, it does not need glue or to be sewn down.  (I usually wear a sew in – hair weave) I can do a back flip in this wig and it will still remain on my head.  The hair quality is excellent as well!  Definitely worth buying, would definitely purchase again!!


I Purchased the Bundled Deal, and received this beautiful custom wig FREE!  Amazing!!

I Love it!!!

It's this beautiful, shiny, soft, silky hair...  we're in love!

Parents Recommend

Divinity was diagnosed with Lupus when she was 9 years old.  Her journey was plagued with seizures, hair loss and many nights in the hospital.


Like most young girls, Divinity loves music, dolls, and spending time with her friends.  Most of the activities she loves so much came to an abrupt halt when Lupus attacked her body. 


The treatment required for Divinity’s condition caused rapid hair loss.   


Divinity’s grandmothers contacted me to discuss a hair replacement system for her.  


Divinity is 10 now, a lot of her hair is growing back!  Stay tuned for more information on the journey! 

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